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Posted By - Brian Falk
Aug 27, 2013 at 8:32pm | Filed Under “Parkland

“Untold Stories from the JFK Assassination”

The major motion picture PARKLAND explores the assassination of John Kennedy from perspectives never before seen: the doctors and nurses at the hospital, the boots-on-the-ground G-men at the FBI field office in Dallas, the family of Lee Harvey Oswald -- caught in their own metaphorical cross fire. For many viewers their stories will lend new clarity to the famous headlines they already know.

In this blog, I'd like to continue ferreting out the types of untold stories from the assassination and its aftermath that PARKLAND lays bare. Given the rich historical tableau that this powerful and tragic American moment offers us, it shouldn't be too hard.

Feel free to present any story you want as fact, but expect that any other blogger can call "b*llshit" by supplying other facts. No hard feelings allowed (even by me).

I'll start: one of my favorite stories from the Kennedy assassination was that of a young journalist named Robert McNeil (who would later co-host the McNeil Lehrer NewsHour on PBS with Jim Lehrer). McNeil was at Dealey Plaza to cover the president's visit. After the shots rang out and pandemonium ensued, he raced up the steps of the nearest building, the Texas School Book Depository, to call in the story. He stopped a young man who was exiting the building to ask directions to the nearest phone. The young man pointed up the stairs, inside the foyer. McNeil ran to the phone and filed. Only later did he realize that the man he stopped on the steps was Lee Harvey Oswald.

Now it's your turn...



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  • Kressel
    12/30/2013 at 11:57am


    I just saw the film last night. How is it known that the young FBI agent burned the files on Lee Harvey Oswald? Did he tell the world that before he died?

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  • Vanessa
    10/14/2013 at 12:17pm


    I still haven't been able to see the film yet, but I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was not quite 10 years old & remember hearing what happened that evening on the news from Walter Cronkite, it's burned into my memory forever. Then 2 days later I watched in horror with the rest of the country as Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald live on TV. The weirder thing for me and my family though is that my great aunt worked as a dancer for Jack Ruby at the time and had for several years. She was approached by the police and eventually by other authorities questioning her. I remember how our family wanted her to tell us what she knew & she claimed very loudly that she knew nothing. I always believed she knew more than she said & was just afraid for her life. I was right. In 2004, she finally talked about it to us for the first time, she was in her 80's & has since passed away. She told us in no uncertain terms, she fully believed Oswald was not a lone gunman & that she knew that there were people that had used him, and believed he was one of the shooters. However, she still would not take her story to anyone else & we just left it at that. It will forever be a true mystery in my opinion.

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  • dennisd
    10/04/2013 at 10:07am


    Research well all of the views of the Parkland Hospital Medical Personnel
    from 11/2263 which were published years close to and well after the
    assassination.. Exhume and examine the bodies of President Kennedy
    and Governor Connally. Examine all of the scientific tests concerning
    the alleged assassination rifle and the alleged assassination bullets. Study the key
    assassination eyewitness testimony of the deaf mute eyewitness, Mr. Hoffman, who was never called to testify before the Warrren Commission.
    Examine the testimony of those who encountered fake government agents
    with false i.d.'s at Dealey Plaza immediately after the assassination. Discover
    which government agency produced i.d.'s for the Secret Service in 1963.
    Review the testimony of Army trained sniper Dan Marvin when he encountered
    CIA trainers referring to the JFK assassination who was later asked by the CIA
    to assassinate a key US Navy handler of the JFK autopsy evidence. Examine
    the testimony of Louisiana police officer Francis Fruge who interviewed a woman
    who reported fore knowledge of JFK's assassination. Study the House Assassinations Committee conclusions and one key investigator meeting with
    Senator Richard Schweiker who had evidence that the CIA was connected with JFK's assassination.
    Then compare all of this evidence with the Parkland Movie and discover the minds
    who influenced Vincent Bugliosi and those involved in making the movie, Parkland. Decipher where truth and obfuscation exists and
    which agency lies for pay outside jurisdiction.

    President John F. Kennedy knew that if any group in our government would
    conduct a coup against him as reported by significant reporters in 1963 prior
    to his murder, then it would have the name CIA.

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  • Pager
    10/03/2013 at 10:06pm


    Pretty clearly a major conspiracy and since the government isn't interested in the conspiracy they are almost certainly implicated IN that conspiracy. 1. There was far more bullet mass recovered than bullet mass lost from the magic bullet. 2. An entry wound 6 inches from the base of the neck cannot exit from the Adam's Apple originating 6 floors above 3. 30 people had knowledge of some relationship between Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby 4. At least 50 people had some prior knowledge of a conspiracy 5. More than 100 people died violent deaths AFTER Lee Oswald was dead. Since Lee didn't come back from the dead there must be a major conspiracy in place 6. Dr Mclellan (sp?) of Parkand recently said there were more than 2 shooters And this just scratches the surface. There is much more. I wonder how the movie Parkland will treat history or if Parkland will just extend the cover-up further?

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  • GaryA
    10/03/2013 at 9:57pm


    What a pity it is that the American Film Company turned to Hanks and Vince Bugliosi to produce a special commemorating the 50th anniversary of JFK's murder.

    Y'all may remember Hanks' first, foolhardy foray into America's misadventure in Afghanistan, "Charlie Wilson's War." As the noted academic, Chalmers Johnson, has pointed out, Charlie Wilson's War was complete codswollop. [See Johnson's review, "Second thoughts on Charlie Wilson's War," that appeared in, among other places, The Asia Times:]

    With that oh, so vulgar, if "patriotic," fairy tale under his belt, Hanks has sallied forth to address the Kennedy assassination, conspiring with noted fabulist, Vincent Bugliosi, whose book on the JFK assassination I shredded in no less than the official journal of the Federal Judiciary, "The Federal Lawyer." [Available on-line at the "Mary Ferrell" website:]

    So it can come as no surprise to see Rolling Stone stoning at Parkland in Peter Travers' new review. Bewailing what "Parkland" might have been, Travers sniffs that, "Sadly, what Parkland (has) become() is a crying shame."

    With Hanks as historian, quel surprise.

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