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  • TigerDad
    02/03/2016 at 4:55pm


    Has anyone read Mike Whetstone's book MADNESS IN MOGADISHU? (Stackpole)
    Would be interesting to learn what others think about the rescue efforts of the 10th Mountain Division troops and how they prepared for such an eventuality. Such efforts could be the basis for a sequel.

    from Black Hawk Down
  • AZIronwood
    08/31/2015 at 4:03am


    No question Black Hawk Down is a riveting movie and portrays the Ranger/Delta perspectives of that historical event. But what about the efforts of the 10th Mountain Division QRF that faced the insurmountable odds of rescuing the downed unit? Little is told of their courageous actions or the leadership involved during those maddening hours of combat. To get an appreciation for who those rescuers were (and are) and how they trained to prepare for such an eventuality, viewers and readers of Black Hawk Down owe it to themselves to read Mike Whetstone's newly released book "Madness in Mogadishu." It might help to explain the Somalia experience beyond that associated with the award-winning movie. AZIronwood

    from Black Hawk Down
    10/17/2011 at 11:41am


    Having designed an undergraduate course several years ago devoted to this film (which I'm currently teaching this semester), I'm delighted to see the attention given to it here. I think the critical comments thus far are even-handed and thoughtful, and I support those who consider this film to be a landmark work that redefines the extraction film into both an expression of an emergent anti-war / pro-military ethos and a foreshadowing of the war on terror. Viewers might also be interested in a lecture by Mike Durant delivered at the U.S. Army War College and posted on YouTube wherein he emphasizes the very thing our present discussion reveals--namely, that this ostensibly "forgotten" battle will continue to resonate for decades to come as we continue to grapple with the geopolitical realities it compelled us to face.

    from Black Hawk Down
  • 05/16/2011 at 7:50pm


    "Black Hawk Down" was a terrific film about a battle small in scope, but had great ramifications for U.S. Foreign Policy under the Clinton Administration. It shows the horrors of modern warfare, but also the courage and strength our military personnel show, even under extreme conditions such as those in Mogadishu. This is an essentially important film of modern warfare.

    from Black Hawk Down
  • 03/12/2011 at 1:06pm


    Here in Texas we have an annual interscholastic academic competition for secondary school students in social studies and this year's topic is the space race. The film our competing students need to view and be able to write about is (no surprise) Apollo 13. After several months of reading the script, studying the Apollo missions and then watching the film, most of my students who've watched the film feel it offers a better and more accurate look at the intricacies of space travel much more effectively than The Right Stuff (we read the book, however).

    from Apollo 13
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