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  • Minnehoma
    08/20/2011 at 7:15pm


    I was skeptical about seeing "The Conspirator" in a theater, as I guessed it would portray Mrs. Surratt in a completely sympathetic light and would be a typical Hollywood Historical Mess. So, I waited for it on DVD. I was pleasantly suprised at the film and am very glad I watched it last night. The "look" of the film was excellent, the characters very true to my knowledge of the real--life people, and though the portrayal does lean towards Mrs. Surratt's innocence, I thought it was a very good film. I DO believe Mary Surratt was guilty and deserved to hang. I DO believe much of the sympathy for her, despite the evidence, was simply because she was a woman. If that had been MISTER Surratt on trial, with similar evidence, there would have been zero controversy about his guilt.
    As a high school history teacher and History Nerd, I am really looking forward to more historically-based films from The American Film Company.
    Thanks for this film!

    from Historians View the Assassination
  • JohnITW
    08/11/2011 at 3:30pm


    Hi Col.Borch,

    While I respect your service to the country and expertise as a historian, you and I don’t agree on many things and I welcome your rebuttal. It seems to me that your comments are based more on opinion than fact. I’m not a historian, so please feel free to correct me where I am wrong. I have a list of disagreements which I posted here for your reply:

    Since I have limited space here, I'll post one of my many questions:

    I have you seen you state on many occasions that Holt or Stanton hand-picked the military commission. Can you please clarify Andrew Johnson’s May 1 Order:

    It is ordered: 1st. That the Assistant Adjutant-General detail nine competent military officers to serve as a Commission for the trial of said parties…

    ** Special thanks to the wonderful folks at The American Film Company for bringing this little known story to the big screen. While I didn't agree with the implied portrayals of some of the characters, I found the film engaging and interesting and recommend others to see it. I would also recommend that they look further in to the story to draw their own conclusions. DVD - August 16 !

    from Brig. Gen. Joseph Holt - His Role as Chief Prosecutor in the Military Tribunal
  • AStudentofHistory
    06/27/2011 at 1:50pm


    KUDOS: to the American Film Staff, laverge-01 & kcliflar, Dr. McPherson and others: Thanks for promoting public history, my professors at UNC-CH and NCCU were big on public history and its value it adds to the USA's collective memory!

    from Slavery, race, and the assassination
  • AStudentofHistory
    06/27/2011 at 11:38am


    Galesburgir, I agree the American Film Company should get made credit from the Press for the willingness to produce historical fiction!

    from Brig. Gen. Joseph Holt - His Role as Chief Prosecutor in the Military Tribunal
  • Galesburgirl
    06/24/2011 at 2:47pm


    I can't wait to view this film and to follow the research on which the film is based. As an African-American "history mystery sleuth" and writer, I commend Robert Redford and the American Film Company for taking on this subject. I hope it encourages this film company & other filmmakers to dig deep into original sources to correct all of our misconceptions about American History. Hip, Hip, Hooray!

    from Brig. Gen. Joseph Holt - His Role as Chief Prosecutor in the Military Tribunal
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    I'm an independent film maker. Born in the south and well traveled I have had the great fortune to be a part of the best american export, the american film industry. At times it's cut throat and sometimes I think there's not an honest man in the business but then I meet genuine people and realize thats not always true. Hollywood and its history is a big part of the worlds history and I'm proud to be a part of it.
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